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Travel & Transport

As more people travel, airline and travel brands are facing increasing competition from new entrants and increasing customers expectations. Listening to customers and understanding which parts of the customer experience motivates them helps to increase loyalty and brand equity.

Person Rolling Suitcase in Airport

Improve CSAT/NPS

Increase CSat by up to 20%. Automatically and accurately analyze all customer feedback, whatever the channel, and make it measurable. Forget customer surveys – identify the real drivers of how to improve customer satisfaction.


Identify Emotional Intent

Our models auto-tag the customers’ emotional intent and sentiment so you know if they’re considering leaving or expressing some other actionable emotion.


Improve Sentiment Analysis

Don’t lose valuable insight with traditional sentiment analysis or spend time physically reading your customer feedback. Our software identifies multiple sentiments within text so no valuable feedback is missed – all automated, all in near real time.


Get more Voice of Customer

Automatically classify every customer interaction and feedback. Our software can identify and classify multiple sentiments and intents within a single piece of customer feedback.


Reduce Customer Effort

There’s no bigger CSat killer than customers having to repeat the same question. Nail your FCR by identifying the root cause of topics and agent knowledge so you can recommend the next best action first time every time.


Process complaints

Handle complaints faster and more efficiently whatever the channel. Our analytics flags and organises any complaints so you can deal with them as they arrive.

Transform your operations - get more from your customer data
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