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Warwick Analytics in the Press: Fintech Global

Dan Somers, CEO of Warwick Analytics recently commented on an article for Fintech Global. The article ‘Is the appeal of data analytics wearing off?’ looks at whether, despite the hype around big data and data analytics, it has it even come close to living up to the potential placed upon it.

To ensure analytics can have maximum impact, there still needs to be a human layer involved. Talk around AI is often accompanied by how the technology will see the end of the human worker and how the robots will take over. This is very unlikely to be the case. Instead, it is more likely for the AI to be used to gather the relevant information and build an insight for the human to then use to compliment their own work.

Speaking on this point, Dan Somers, CEO at Warwick Analytics said, “The perfect data analytics solutions comprise high levels of automation and minimal, but still very necessary, human intervention.”



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