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Book onto our Free Webinar: Putting the Soul in the Machine: How to use AI to enhance EQ

This webinar will explore how to use technology to measure and convey your brand values and promises that generate your unique customer experience and drive profits.

Date: Wednesday 27th Sept, 2017 Time: 9am Pacific/12noon EST/5pm GMT  Duration: 45 minutes

Busy at the live webinar time? No worries. Register and we will send you an on-demand recording afterward.

Your presenters:

Brad Smith

Brad Smith is CDO at TribeCX and is globally recognised as a thought leader in digital CX transformation having led customer centric transformation at Symantec, Yahoo! and Sage. 

Dan Somers

    Dan is CEO of Warwick Analytics and a global innovator of CX analytics. He is a highly-respected speaker and widely published in the predictive analytics arena.



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