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Using PrediCX labels in Answer Bot triggers (Web form and chat?)

Answer Bot works alongside the support team by automatically answering your customer's queries. It offers help faster than humanly possible and it supports your team by giving them time to focus on more complex issues.

Answer Bot increases self-service efficiency by responding to customer's questions with relevant knowledge base articles from Zendesk Guide.

So the more efficient your Answer Bot is, the more satisfied your customers will be.

This is where PrediCX comes in.

Making use of PrediCX labels, you can help with targeting for your Answer Bot triggers. Labels will enable you to specify a limited subset of articles that you want to search within.

Without labels, Answer Bot searches all article titles and content to identify suggested articles. By adding labels in triggers, you can restrict the search to articles containing those labels.

Articles set up

First of all, when creating your own articles on Zendesk, you’ll find on the right bar an option to add a label to the present article.

This article, for example, shows how to set up Google Pay on your banking app. ‘

At the bottom right corner, we can see the chosen label called “Ewallet”. The same label will be present for other similar articles related to online payment apps, like Apple Pay or Garmin Pay.

This way, anytime a customer refers to any of these products, the PrediCX label “Ewallet” will be automatically applied to the ticket. Then, the Answer Bot will limit its search only within the articles that hold this label.

Here, for example, we can see a small amount of different articles that could be divided into 3 categories:

-Card issues

-Account issues

-Ewallet issues

By applying the pertinent labels to each article, the Answer Bot will restrict its search to the ones containing said tag. So, on this case, this search will be limited to groups of 3 or 4 articles, instead of the 10 items present on this list.

Answer Bot Trigger set up

After creating the articles needed to answer most of the incoming queries, and organizing them according to the PrediCX labels, it’s time to set up an Answer Bot trigger.

This works the same way as other Zendesk Triggers, with the same conditions and actions.

On the Email Body you can make use of a wide range of placeholders to individualize your automatic reply.

Before saving the new trigger, you have to press the “Configure and Test” button at the end. Here you’ll be able to chose the label that you want to restrict your articles search, and it will show you how the Answer Bot would reply to this new ticket:

On the other side, the customer will receive a reply like the following:

If the customer is satisfied with this article and clicks the “Yes, close my request” button, then the ticket will be appear as solved and closed on Zendesk, without the need of any human intervention whatsoever.


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