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Warwick Analytics announces partnership with LucidCX

AI provider

Warwick Analytics and LucidCX, the post-sale support specialists, have today announced their partnership.

Warwick Analytics applies its AI interaction analytics to unstructured customer data from contact centres and channels such as chat, call transcripts and customer feedback.

With the analytics, LucidCX are able to rapidly build accurate, actionable models that can be applied to incoming customer data for its clients in real time. The software will help further automate the range of solutions and enrich the customer insight that LucidCX already provides.

The range of post-sale support services provided by LucidCX include interactive knowledge libraries, product simulations, trouble shooters, returns and repairs avoidance and diagnostics. By deepening their understanding on customer behaviour and device issues, they will be able to enhance the customer experience further to improve FCR and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, LucidCX use the AI models to automatically identify customer intent, root causes of churn, customer effort, emotions, sentiment and early warning of issues to enable clients to enhance their own products and services.

Matt Dyson of LucidCX said: “There’s a lot of text analytics and insight tools out there. With Warwick Analytics, we were blown away by how easy and quick it was to build bespoke, tuned machine learning models on customer interactions, on a dynamic basis. This now enables us to tune our own solutions quicker, but now to offer levels of real-time insight to and for our clients that they’ve not had before”

Dan Somers, CEO at Warwick Analytics adds: “We are delighted to be partnering with LucidCX. They are the leaders in their field working with highly complex, detailed and granular information. Our shared clients face a rapidly evolving market and a constantly changing voice of the customer to address. Their clients rely on LucidCX’s expertise to identify and help resolve issues to optimise the customer experience



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