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Warwick Analytics comes 2nd in Eurostar Innovation Pitch Finale

Train company Eurostar has begun its search for some of the continent’s most disruptive startups to find ways the latest AI, machine learning and data innovations could help it to improve its processes.

London-headquartered Eurostar International, which runs the Eurostar network between London, Paris and Brussels, put out a call for startups and entrepreneurs across the tech spectrum who might be able to utilise their innovations to improve the operator’s processes.

Warwick Analytics made the final shortlist and was invited to  to pitch their business ideas to venture capitalists and industry figures at the Vivatechnology show in Paris last week.

Warwick Analytics were delighted to win 2nd place in the pitch battle.

Eurostar has said it is looking for companies who can help support its next phase of growth, improving passenger experience and understanding of passenger flows as the operator continues to add further destinations to its network.

In particular, the company is looking for startups which can provide predictive and real-time insight into passenger flows at stations in an effort to reduce overcrowding and encourage more passenger-centered designs.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have also been highlighted as potential areas that its processes could benefit, with personalised customer interactions and recommendations across its operations providing opportunities to increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Explaining the thought process behind the initiative, Eurostar’s website states: “Excellence in service is a key pillar of Eurostar’s values.

“Customer expectations are high, and as we increase the number of destinations and customers served, maintaining and improving Eurostar’s customer experience, including understanding and managing potential disruptions, having access to predictive customer flow and analysis in real time, automating ticket control are key to enhance performance.”



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