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Warwick Analytics in the Press: Data IQ

Our CEO Dan Somers has been published at Data IQ. The article: Customer satisfaction 2.0: 3 steps to achieving customer delight with automated predictive analytics looks at the steps organisations can take to achieving the next level of customer service through the use of automated. predictive analytics.

12th January 2017

“Customer experience is the new marketing,” Steve Cannon, president of Mercedes- Benz USA famously said. And many would not disagree. Whether you are using net promotoer score (NPS) or customer effort score (CES), you have customer satisfaction key performance indcators (KPIs) in place. But how do you know that these measures are useful predictors of behavior?

Most marketers and customer services managers accept that customer satisfaction KPIs focus on historic customer feedback with fixed measures and outcomes, and are actively provided by the customer, which may be self-serving and unreliable. Yet what else are managers supposed to do? It is seemingly not obvious how else to measure the success of customer services, particularly where there is a departmental separation between customer services, marketing and sales.

Read the full article HERE.



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