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Warwick Analytics in the Press: Digital Marketing Magazine, Getting to ACE: Autonomous Customer Expe

We hear a lot of hype about how AI technology, such as chatbots, is advancing to minimise the amount of contact a customer has with a contact centre, so does that mean that the human customer services agent will become obsolete?

Well, underneath the hype of AI, the reality is that chatbot development has plateaued, and the understanding matured.

Alongside this limitation is the fact that customer interactions themselves are becoming more and more complex as customers learn to resolve more simplistic issues by themselves. There are also more communication channels as customers might try to resolve issues by a website, then chat, then phone.

So, this presents enormous challenges for Autonomous Customer Experience (ACE) and possibly leads to the fact that ACE will, or indeed should never, become a reality.

Here we look at the key roles of the customer, the human agent and the technology within the CX process and how they should evolve to deliver the optimal autonomous customer experience, not in 10 years’ time but right now.



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