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Warwick Analytics launch first automated predictive warranty and maintenance products at Hannover Me

Warwick Analytics is launching two new products at Hannover Messe 2016: WarrantyGuardian and MaintenanceGuardian. The products are the first to offer comprehensive, automated predictive analytics solutions for warranty and maintenance processes.

WarrantyGuardian is the first automated, predictive software suite for any warranty situation, from aircraft to vehicles to consumer electronics and machines. It can automatically identify root causes, classify warranty claims even with unstructured data, reduce fraud and error with dealers or resellers, spot anomalies, and use the feedback to improve the customer experience.

MaintenanceGuardian is the first automated, predictive software suite that optimises scheduling of corrective maintenance and prevent unexpected equipment failures. It can automatically spot anomalies, suggest business rules to predict and prevent failure, and classify issues even with unstructured data.

Both products have been developed from over a decade of academic research. Proprietary algorithms enable functions such as automated classification and clustering, automated root cause analysis, anomaly detection and prediction, and dynamic alerts so that preventative action can be taken. The complex science is hidden behind an API making it easy to deploy either as SaaS or on-premise in a distributed architecture, and interface with all regular systems.

Dan Somers, CEO of Warwick Analytics says: “Firms no longer need a team of data scientists to use this software. It can be easily implemented and results interpreted by the end user. Plus, it uses all data including unstructured data such as engineer notes, emails and CRM, removing the need for data cleansing.

“The launch of these new products represent a huge leap forwards in dramatically reducing the downtime of products and production equipment, helping to save cost and freeing up skilled resources who are otherwise tied down with linear problem solving or data manipulation.”

Visit or stand Hall 17 Stand A22/1.



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