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Warwick Analytics to Chair Automotive Warranties, Munich

Warwick Analytics is delighted to be announced as Chair of the 5th Annual Automotive Warranties, 16th & 17th May, Munich, Germany.

Every year this event brings together the key players in the automotive warranty value chain including OEM’s, suppliers, dealers and third party warranty providers, that are creating warranty programmes and practices that drive customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

The goal is to provide businesses with insights to help improve their warranty programs and achieve customer satisfaction while generating business revenue.

Through the best mixture of strategic insights, case studies, workshops and panel discussions you will walk away with clear ideas on how to ensure continuous product improvement and stay ahead of the competition in today’s environment. Remember, in this environment customer satisfaction and cost control are the key to success.

Key topics this year include:

•    New approaches to warranties for modern vehicles, including connected cars and electric vehicles •    Improved relationships along the warranty stakeholder value chain •    Ways to reduce claim fraud through optimized processes •    Using warranty, goodwill and extended warranty as a tool to satisfy your customer •    Strategic insights to manage and prevent recall •    Finding the best approaches for warranty audits •    Coping with new global regulations and EU law



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