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Machine Learning Models that find, read & classify your customer data so you don't have to.

Dramatically improve outcomes and lower costs in days with the most powerful self-adapting analytics and automation.

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How it works

01 / In a few clicks, connect PrediCX to your CRM, Service Desk, Data Warehouse or ingest data manually via the UI

02 / Interact with PrediCX to train the models and validate the signals

03 / PrediCX generates output for all stakeholders to identify and execute the next best actions to achieve continual improvements of your KPIs

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Forget keywords. Our AI picks up the whole conversation.

Existing sentiment analysis misses so much customer feedback and can get a lot wrong. Most companies are only working with 20% of their customer data as a result.

Find the missing 80% of your customer data and drive your CX to the next level.

Next generation customer service

Speed to Impact

PrediCX’s adaptable Machine Learning models are generated in hours which can be delivering continual impact within days


Bespoke Models

Each business has its own unique taxonomies, processes, core customer base and strategic goals. Models are adapted for your business, harmonizing across all channels to highlight opportunities

Instantly Operationalize

Can use PrediCX’s API working with any system, or with its own dashboards out of the box

Next Best Actions for All Stakeholders

From agents to managers and executives, all stakeholders are presented with root-causes of opportunities so they can move the needles fastest towards your organization’s goals

Integrates with

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Key features

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