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Plugin and get going with your existing platforms

In a few clicks, connect PrediCX to your CRM, App, Service Desk, Data Warehouse or ingest data manually via the UI.

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Warwick Analytics is an API-first company, with its machine learning platform PrediCX easily integrated. This provides architects and integrators an easy and powerful way to analyse textual data at scale whilst removing the workload for analysts, data scientists and IT staff. We will also take care of the integration ourselves if you want.


As well as existing integrations with Zendesk and Salesforce, PrediCX can also be easily configured and integrated with other platforms.


The integration can ingest data from any system into PrediCX to be able to do topic modelling, sentiment analysis, intent and any other modelling to generate labels or tags, and then rapidly return the tags back to the system alongside its own dashboards as required.

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