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Contact Centre uses the latest in AI to improve customer outcomes, set KPIs & reduce volume

This case study shows how a contact centre provider, handling thousands of customer contacts on a daily basis, was able to use PrediCX to improve customer outcomes, set intelligent KPIs for their agents, and simultaneously reduce overall contact volume.

How PrediCX can increase Expedia profits by $5m per annum

Warwick Analytics applied its PrediCX software to publicly available reviews for the travel booking company, Expedia.

Major high street bank uses the latest AI text analytics to improve customer loyalty

improve customer loyalty and reduce their operational costs by gaining more customer insight. They were also interested to see what online feedback their main competitors were receiving.

Using PrediCX to reduce Helpdesk Costs while Improving Service Levels

Warwick Analytics applied its PrediCX software to the helpdesk tickets from ServiceNow. After a short training period of a couple of days, PrediCX was already classifying unstructured data

Uncovering Hidden Profit for Global Telco from Social Media Data

We applied PrediCX to publicly available customer data, primarily from Twitter. It did this across all the UK telcos with a social care feed, namely O2, EE, Vodafone, Three, Carphone Warehouse, GiffGaff, ID Mobile and Tesco Mobile. It focused on O2.

Using AI text analytics to uncover drivers of loyalty and churn in restaurants

Warwick Analytics applied its PrediCX software to publicly available reviews, in particular TripAdvisor reviews for London restaurants. The analysis was centred around use cases that would improve the profitability of restaurants

How a Contact Center automated their Voice of Customer (VoC) data with PrediCX

The contact center was looking for technology to assist the contact center reduce the time taken for operators to triage the query and retrieve the right information to resolve it.

PrediCX helps financial services provider improve customer experience and lower costs

This call center wanted to be able to predict when customers would call and the likely issues they were calling about.

PrediCX helps home appliance manufacturer and retailer to automatically handle customer interactions

A leading manufacturer of home appliances is using PrediCX to automate the analysis of their customer interactions and 'Voice of Customer' (VoC) data.

Leading Airline uses PrediCX as an early warning system for Voice of Customer

The airline was in the process of launching several new services as well as conducting customer research in order to improve the touchpoints that mattered most to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

Global Telco uses PrediCX to Predict Customer Behavior

A global telecoms provider used PrediCX to automatically understand and predict customer behavior. They gained a dynamic segmentation of customers and how it changed over time, as well as the specific factors which explained or predicted key decisions.

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